We are going to start the new lesson which is called “Discussion lesson”.
In the lesson, we would like you to learn Japanese culture, habit, life style and etc through Japanese anime or drama.
We pick one of our favorite Japanese animes or dramas. Then after watching it, we will discuss it in English.
(e.g. how you feel about it, you can ask us about your impression of it, or if you have questions, you can ask us!)


We offer the following 2 different types of free lessons from this April.
  • Standard Japanese Lesson
    We help you learn some Japanese vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and so on. Sometimes, we use text during the lesson.
    (Basically, in this class, we don’t use English except someone whoes Japanese is beginner.)

  • Discussion Lesson
    We discuss Japanese anime or drama.
    (In this lesson, we don’t use Japanese, so if your Japanese is beginner, don’t worry. )




The first Discussion Lesson will be held on 29th April!!

If you are interested in Japanese anime or drama, why don’t you join our new lesson?
We look forward to seeing you!
*In the Discussion lesson, we don’t use Japanese.
  If you would like to learn Japanese, please join our Standard Japanese Lesson.



The new lesson will be started this month!


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